Inspection Requirements

How to Schedule Inspections

Call Inspection In – Call 732-7213 between 8 and 4:00 to schedule inspections.  Have permit number and/or address available.  Inspections can be scheduled for the next business day or a few days in advance.   Inspection times will be set the morning of the scheduled inspection.

Time of Inspection – The day of inspection the Applicant can check for the inspection time between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., by calling (732-7213) or using the Customer Service Portal for the two hour window for the inspection.  If the time doesn’t work for you, ask to speak to the inspector for a solution prior to 9:00 a.m. or change the date of the inspection to avoid a additional inspection fees.

Additional Fees for Inspections – A $35.00 fee will be accessed for failed, additional, partial, re-inspections or “no access” inspections.  These additional fees will be invoiced prior to the issue of certification of completion/occupancy.

Safe Site – please provide safe access to the job site.  If a ladder is needed to reach area, please provide at the time of inspection.  An adult will need to be on-site for most inspections and to provide access to areas.

Inspection Requirements

Building/Electrical/Mechanical (as applicable, when included in scope of work)
Soil:  Soil inspections should be made with the forms in place.  If conditions exist that necessitate the placement of concrete before inspection the inspector must be able to see both sides of the footer and be able to determine the thickness of the footer.  Under no circumstances can concrete be placed in trench footings or footings for pole structures prior to inspection and approval.
Foundation:  Non-Residential Code Only, Foundation Wall inspection shall be made with ALL of the structural steel visible and/or concrete forms in place.
Crawl/Slab: Inspect prior to installing subfloor w/floor framing and beams in place.
Elect Rough:  All electrical work completed that will be concealed.
Mech Rough:  All work completed that will be concealed.
Masonry Fireplace Rough: Inspection must be called for and performed before first flue liner is set.
Bldg Rough: Carpentry, plumbing, heating, and electrical rough installed.  No insulation installed.  All work exposed for inspection.  All rough inspections for the project must be passed either before or with the building rough.  The building rough will not pass until all other roughs are passed.
Insulation Rough:  All insulation and energy efficiency equipment/provisions (doors, windows, etc) that will be concealed and/or covered.  This inspection is required after all other Rough Inspections have been completed and before any gypsum board/drywall is installed.
Pressure Test:   All pressure piping and supports visible, includes witnessing of pressure test of piping.
Gas Meter Release: Service releases will be sent to the utility company after all applicable rough inspections and pressure tests are completed and approved.
Electric Service Release: Service releases will be sent to the utility company after all applicable rough insepctions, including insulation inspections are completed and approved.
Elect Final:  All electrical work completed, including boxes closed, fixtures hung, and circuits identified.
Mech Final:  All mechanical work completed.
Masonry Fireplace Final: All masonry completed.
Insulation Final:  All insulation work and energy efficiency provisions completed, including attic insulation.
Bldg Final:  All building work completed. All final inspections for the project must be passed either before or with the building final. The building final will not pass until all other finals are passed.

Driveway Apron/Sidewalk
Rough:  Rough Grade set and ready to pour concrete.
Final:  All concrete work completed.  Engineer’s Office will provide an informational letter when applicable on private lot.

County Sewer:  Inspector will need to see Fernco and donut installed.  Contact Public Health District (732-7499).
County Water:  Contact Water Resources Department (732-7970) for water meter installation (2″ or less).  Contact Public Health (732-7499) for water line inspection.
Plumbing:  Contact Public Health (732-7499).  Call before 9:30AM for same day inspection.
Utilities:  It is your responsibility to apply to the appropriate utility for electric, gas, telephone, etc.

Site Development and Water Management Sediment Control (WMSC)
Site Preparation Permit:  (must be issued and inspections approved before Construction Permit is issued.)
Final:  All site prep work (BMPs, Construction Entrance, etc.) completed and inspections approved.
WMSC Construction Permit
WMSC Rough:  Sediment and erosion control measures shall be installed and maintained throughout the duration of the project.
WMSC Final:  Storm water basin and conveyance system completed and functioning.  All disturbed areas seeded and strawed.
WMSC Storm Water Verification:  Provide storm water basin verification letter from the Ohio Professional Engineer verifying that the basin was installed as designed.

Applies to All Permits and Approvals
Access:  You are required to provide access during normal business hours for the inspector to perform the inspections. Access means a path into the structure from the street or driveway. The owner or his agent must provide a gravel or wood path from the street to the building with necessary and adequate stairs, platform, ladders, etc. A final inspection will not be performed without proper access. If the building is locked, occupied, or inaccessible, an inspection cannot be performed and re-inspection fees will be charged. (Occupied buildings will only be entered if the owner or an adult is present.)
Re-inspection Fees: No access, a partial inspection or a failed inspection will result in a charge for re-inspection fees.
Signage:  The building site must have a legible sign posted, visible from the road.  The sign must contain the address, lot number and name of owner.  If the subdivision does not have street signs, temporary signs must be erected with the street names.
Approved Plans:  The building must conform to the approved plans.  An approved set of the approved plans needs to accessible at the site.  Any deviation must be noted on the record prints on file at Permit Central and new approved plans issued before calling for inspections.

The inspector will leave an inspection tag. Do not assume your inspections have been performed and approved.  You will be required to uncover any work that has not been inspected. If you have questions, please contact our Permit Specialists or an Inspector at our Office at 513-732-7213.

Building OCCUPANCY will be approved, once all inspections have been completed and passed, and all fees are paid on the permit.  Please call Permit Central if you have any questions.